About us.....

Crafting Eternal Narratives, One Frame at a Time

Welcome to Fotokwik, where we craft the enchanting tapestry of your love story through our lenses. Nestled in the vibrant heart of Patna, our team of passionate photographers has been capturing the essence of nuptial bliss for over six years.

At ShootTheArrow Photography, we recognize that every couple’s love story is a unique melody that resonates deeply. It’s this melody that drives us to capture not just photographs, but the fleeting, silent promises of the heart. From the spontaneous bursts of candid laughter to the solemn grace of traditional rituals, and the cinematic splendor of love’s journey, we are the chroniclers of your memories, committed to preserving your precious moments with timeless elegance.

Our spectrum of services is as vibrant as the spectrum of love itself:

  • Candid Photography: Seizing the unguarded, joyful whispers of the soul.
  • Traditional Photography: Enshrining the revered, time-honored traditions.
  • Cinematic Videos: Weaving your love narrative into a visual epic.
  • Pre-Wedding Shoots: Sketching the excitement and dreams of unity.
  • Maternity Shoots: Honoring the dawn of a new beginning.
  • Fashion Shoots: Illustrating your story with panache.
  • Traditional Videography: Chronicling the symphony of cultures and kinship.

In your search for a photographer who can reflect the depth of your connection with creativity and value, your journey ends with ShootTheArrow Photography. We are not just photographers; we are the narrators of your saga. Connect with us, and let’s embark on a new chapter where each snapshot is a stanza of your love story, indelibly inscribed by ShootTheArrow.

Set sail on this adventure with us—where every shutter click is a vow of eternity. Reach out to ShootTheArrow Photography today, and let’s bring your dream wedding to life.